September 30, 2012

Let things happen

it's important
to break the rules...

Life is too short...and it has to be more than just work.
Find something you like doing and do it.
Break the routine.
So little.

I wore:

Coat & Boots, - GAP
Blouse- H&M
Bracelets & Nail polish- TOPSHOP
Belt - Second Hand

September 24, 2012




Melancholic is exactly how I feel today...
I can not tell you more
Listen to this song
Chain of Flowers,Grinderman,Nick Cave.

September 13, 2012


I just got back from my holidays, and full of fresh energy I am back to blogging! I realize  my blog was a little neglected lately... but soon you will see new outfit posts!
Anyway now I want to share a few pictures that I made a while ago in Chelsea...
I almost forgot about them...I did not do much when I was there...and that's only because I was very very hungry and unfortunately all I could think was food...

Image by lola

Image by lola


Image by lola
I was surprised that next to very expensive boutiques there are so many shops with second -hand or vintage clothing. I believe that by combining the more expensive with cheaper you can get an interesting effect. 
Image by lola
Image by lola
Image by lola

Image by lola
Image by lola

Image  by lola

Image by lola
Image by lola
And going back to eating...I had a chance to try some grilled vegetables (very healthy) , fish and gnocchi, which I love!
Do not forget to check my blog next week, there will be a new outfit post.
Kisses, lola.