September 24, 2013


Chinti and Parker creates ethically made garments using high quality natural materials such as organic cotton, wool and cashmere.Certainly you won't be disappointed with the quality of products, but what really caught my eye at first was the graphics.I love their experimental approach to sweaters,and truly believe that geometric forms are fresh and modern. I'm also a huge fun of oversized t- shirt I can easily pair with my skinny pants.To say more, I'm quite happy with the simple elbow patch cardigans came back again to make me feel casual and stylish even while wearing dress underneath.What else can I say...cold days are coming so lets drink tea! x

September 14, 2013

MADEWELL Fall 2013 Lookbook

Today quickly something for autumn weather. Looking at this lookbook I have a feeling that someone has read in my mind, seriously...It is rare that I would wear all the clothes from one store!Usually there is only a few things that I like, but not this time and not for Madewell! To top it all, one of my favourites in the world of fashion- Caroline de Maigret played the role of ambassador to the collection, simply it could not be better x. 

September 1, 2013




Probably some of you noticed that I was absent for a while, but I think I just needed a break. I even thought to end the existence of this blog however negative thinking was finally forced out thanks to the positive feedback I received so far from all of you guys! OK, that's enough about it.

Pictures that you see here were taken some time ago,(exactly during my blogging dilemmas, so sorry for a delay). THE SECRET VINTAGE FAIR I attended took place in Colchester in Liquid night club- former Hippodrome. I was there as a volunteer, but that did not stop me from taking pictures. I hope you like the mix of black and white and color photographs.That place was just filled with people, positive energy and music. Really...a few hours of fun in a retro style.
To find out more about THE SECRET VINTAGE FAIR click here.