December 28, 2012

New jumper, new handbag, new IPad!

Probably my last shopping this year... or maybe not...

1.New jumper, Gap.

I like the combination of stripes and  neon trim from the top.Bought it on sale for £24.99,
I styled my jumper with a New Look necklace £6.99,

2.I Pad, Apple , Thank You Santa!!!

3. Handbag  Zara.

3.Necklace, New Look

4.I pad Case, E -Bay

Last but not least... I want to show you my new i phone 5, also from Apple Store.
Yes, I'm very happy with it! My old nokia was horrible...

Wishes For All of You My Dear Readers and Followers,
Happy New Year 2013!
-believe in your dreams...they may come true!

December 17, 2012

What I bought + Last minute gift ideas

Actually I am writing some Christmas cards at the moment...trying to blog at the same time... yeah... perhaps you already have done your Christmas shopping, bought gifts for your friends and family...but maybe some of you have not done it yet and wait for the last minute???
I show you now ( before its gonna be too late)what I bought.
1. Globe

I became obsessed with globs... Currently on the market are different globes in different prices depends on what they are made of.I bought this one in Tkmaxx, but you can find similar at
Urban Outfitters
or Zara Home...well if you won't find a globe then buy a map...

2. Book

I chose "Just Kids" by Patti Smith...I have just started reading...wonderful story about two people whose roads met... very gripping...
and Johnny Depp called it a "poetic masterpiece".


You can choose anything you like I chose that one because I love Bicycles...


I got it from Zara...I really love their accessories collection this season...and it's looking good on my neck...Really great present for every girl/women...and there is plenty to choose from.


 Crystal owl, TkMaxx. Fun and inexpensive item.Find similar here.

So, are you ready for Christmas?x 

December 13, 2012

December market

I was going to post it earlier however didn't have time so anyway better late than never! I went to the Christmas Art Market organized by Weasel in a Teacup.The event took place in Colchester Arts Centre- the old church. I didn't really buy anything, but I liked lots of stuff, most importantly having fun taking these photos. Hope you will like them.

Image by lola
Image by lola
Image by lola
I could not resist and took a picture of Dr.martens boots, they belonged to the owner of the  store, who sold vintage clothes there...aren't they cool?

Image by lola
Image by lola
Image by lola

I love the stained glass and the vaulted ceilings...


 I look forward to the next event like this...

November 27, 2012

Late lunch

This is cafe of the bistro style restaurants in Colchester.We went there to eat lunch the other day... I wish I was in Paris but actually all the stylish deco and french music coming from the background made me feel that I was on Montmartre or somewhere near ha ha...
Well, maybe that was just the feeling of the moment but still quite pleasant...



Some people say that the food there is average...and maybe this is true, but I really enjoyed what I was eating and we got a rather large portions.  Besides as I mentioned above this is a place of extraordinary atmosphere and the toilets are nice. 

Beyond that there is something that is really worth my recommendation and this is coffee
& dessert!

I tried  an apple tarte tatin with vanilla ice-cream and a liqueur coffee with amaretto syrup - beautiful!


November 24, 2012

Patti Smith

"If you are not into transforming stuff into art
Don't worry about it.
Just keep doing it and keep doing it."

Right now, that's the formula.
It's very easy.
Get the syntax down and then just record it.
Just, just do it.
And you should see how better you walk.
It just does something to your walk.
If you can't do anything with it
Don't worry about it.
If you are not into transforming stuff into art
Don't worry about it.
Just keep doing it and keep doing it because by the
12th and 13th, and 14th one you get into extraterrestrial stuff
 And they don't let you write nothin' down
 So you just,
You just keep goin' through it
 You know, you just keep...
Fragment from:"The Histories of The Universe"by Patti Smith.