January 29, 2012


Yes, these are plates but plates from the Saatchi Gallery. When I accidentally found them while visiting saatchistore.com, I was delighted...totally.Why ? maybe because they reminded me about my childhood.... We used to have dinner plates with pictures on them and it was always fun to discover what was hidden under the food. It's not that I'm obsessed with plates but... maybe I'm...just  a little bit., I have to admit that.
They are individually numbered and supplied in presentation box with a sign certificate of origin.They are also part of Limited Edition of up to 500 pieces worldwide, featured in the book "Tectonic Plates- the Lost Art of collecting and displaying plates ".

Maya Lou -Tectonic Plate by Sophie Bastieu

Housetree- Tectonic Plate by Saelia Aparicio

Dreamer- Tectonic Plate by Magdolna Nadj Torma

Wonder in Paris-Tectonic Plate Kristen Ferrell

Fairies- Tectonic Plate by Magdolna Nadj Torma
Aren't they beautiful ?Oh...

The price is £61.50 per plate.
P.S.I think .... I really have to go to the Saatchi Gallery soon,hope the weather will improve...


  1. I love fun plates! I remember how my sister and I would fight over the rooster bowl.

  2. The plates look so beautiful. That being said, I wouldn't want to put my food on them, they look to pretty <3

    1. yeah, you are right...I wouldn't...it's enough to look at them:)