February 16, 2013

Let's take a ride!

Today I will be taking you for a road trip with Natalie B Coleman's SPRING/SUMMER13 COLLECTION.I know,
I know... it's still cold outside but just imagine that you are lying on the grass, in the sun, drinking lemonade...or maybe you don't have to imagine that...just watch the film above.
That was a few days ago when I desperately searched for some spring inspiration and I was pleased to find it in my own e-mail box. I am so glad to be introduced to the label, because as soon as I saw it,
 I loved it, especially the handbags, purses and pastel dog prints. I can't wait to see more. At the moment Natalie is working on her A/W13 Collection and she will be showing that in Paris later on this year.
More on her website here.


  1. I like the movie!

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  3. keeping an eye on that grey clutch!
    Heartbeats from //VIENNA WEDEKIND//

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