April 30, 2013

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This post is more about beauty products I'm currently using, however I couldn't resist to take some photos of my new H&M jacket,and the necklace from Warehouse - I had a discount voucher so luckily for me I paid for it cheaper.See more in the next post!

here is a list of cosmetics I use for face
1. Micellar foam cleanser with rose petals. This Nuxe cleanser smells lovely, cleanses and purifies well and more importantly, this is a very delicate product so suitable even for sensitive skin.I absolutely love it.
2. Anti-aging re-densifying emulsion for combination skin, again from Nuxe.When I first started to use this cream I wasn't happy, I had spots...but they started to disappear after a week and now the product works really well for me. Skin appears smoother than before!
3.Diorskin nude foundation 0/20, skin glowing make -up.This foundation is getting more and more compliments on blogs and I have to admit that it works for me too.
4. Avene thermal spring water. Your skin can really benefit from this,especially when you have sensitive skin with tendency to allergies or irritations. Besides, it is functional, you can use it to remove or set you make-up, for sunburns, redness or just to refresh the face during the day. Skin becomes softer and more flexible. Honestly wish I started using it earlier.Curiosity: as sign up now on their website you will receive periodically trial size samples for free.

By the way, have you seen the last video "How to clean your face "by INTO THE GLOSS ?
click here and here to watch it.I thought you might find it useful.



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  2. hmmm.,.. such a heavy yet so bold,. i love the green navy coat,.. and loving your blog,...

    Beny Ricardo Sadewo

  3. I am loving the look of that jacket! Great new buys x

    1. The material of that jacket is very soft so it's comfortable to wear, x

  4. great post


    Laura de www.de-norteasur.blogspot.com

  5. That necklace looks so nice! :)