November 25, 2013

Inspiration: Mary Quant, three colors

Today on the blog post inspired by photographs of Mary Quant, which I saw a few weeks ago while sitting on my couch and watching TV...I don't know why, but these images for some reason, stopped in my head...And why three colors?I know it sounds more like the title of Kieslowski's trilogy, but that's not what it is about. Simply, black, white, and grey are the colors that represent the present time and appear first when I think about the style of Mary.

faux fur collar top, Cos

white shirt Cos,black loafers & Other Stories,  sequin flower sweater Jaeger,- absolutely love it! 
Unfortunately I can't remember where I found this handbag but it was too beautiful not to show it.

River Island flower ribbon necklace in black,
By the way, I popped in to River Island today and they have nice choice of necklaces, so maybe it is worth to go there.

 grey wool blend dress, & Other Stories


  1. I love Mary Quant! She was such a visionaire

  2. Mary Quant is such an artist, great inspiration, love the 3 color combination for any look

  3. Lovely necklace, it is perfect for an evening look

  4. This post was gorgeous! Loved reading it
    Lucia's Loves

  5. mary quant is the perfect icon! who doesnt love her!!

  6. Great shots! I also love three-colour-photography...I have always found it very classic and timeless.

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