February 28, 2013

Today's outfit



Hello, How are you? My mood is like the weather at the moment...a little sun, a little wind and a little  cold mixed together. Therefore I was not sure how to get dressed today...pants or maybe shorts? Beanie or no beanie?Make -up or no make-up?
Yes, we all know these dilemmas, we are women.
Despite the weather,there was one thing I knew I will be wearing -my new top from Reiss.
I bought it a while ago on sale.This is actually a sweatshirt with zip on the back.
The sale continues, so hurry up and you will have a chance to find something for yourself. And if you have a free moment see their new NINETEEN SEVENTY-ONE Collection- really great pieces for youth, well structured. I love the playsuit!


I wore:
Shorts & tights - RIVER ISLAND
Handbag - /as seen before/ ZARA
Boots - /as seen before/ GAP
Snood & Beanie & Earrings - TOPSHOP
Bracelets - borrowed from J
Watch - /old/Rocha John Rocha

February 16, 2013

Let's take a ride!

Today I will be taking you for a road trip with Natalie B Coleman's SPRING/SUMMER13 COLLECTION.I know,
I know... it's still cold outside but just imagine that you are lying on the grass, in the sun, drinking lemonade...or maybe you don't have to imagine that...just watch the film above.
That was a few days ago when I desperately searched for some spring inspiration and I was pleased to find it in my own e-mail box. I am so glad to be introduced to the label, because as soon as I saw it,
 I loved it, especially the handbags, purses and pastel dog prints. I can't wait to see more. At the moment Natalie is working on her A/W13 Collection and she will be showing that in Paris later on this year.
More on her website here.

February 7, 2013

Dogtooth pencil skirt and orange purse

I wore:
Dogtooth skirt - LOCAL VINTAGE SHOP
Snood, tights - TOPSHOP
Bracelets - H&M
Boots - KURT GEIGER/as seen before/

Dogtooth pattern is timeless. I remember my mom always had a skirt like that in her wardrobe...
and I think it is still there. No matter how old you are: twenty, thirty, fifty it will look good on you!Trust me!Pencil shape will show off your figure and emphasize your waist, only remember that the length is right for you - it should not be too long if you are petite.
I love black and white together but to add some color I simply accessorized that outfit with the orange cross woven studded purse.

February 3, 2013

February quick wishlist

1. Chiffon cape, Alexander McQueen, 2.Vintage handbag, Chanel,
3.Necklace, Lizzie Fortunato, 4. Sneakers, Isabel Marant
To be totally honest I should call it "My dream wishlist" because I rarely buy designer clothes. If so then only from tkmaxx or outlet stores.
Although I don't buy it, I often find myself inspired by designers and what they do. I go through magazines a lot before hitting the mainstream high street shops. It gives me some kind of certainty and tips to choose the right pieces and then put them together in the outfit. 
So what do you think about my wishlist? Hate it ?or Like it?