November 27, 2012

Late lunch

This is cafe of the bistro style restaurants in Colchester.We went there to eat lunch the other day... I wish I was in Paris but actually all the stylish deco and french music coming from the background made me feel that I was on Montmartre or somewhere near ha ha...
Well, maybe that was just the feeling of the moment but still quite pleasant...



Some people say that the food there is average...and maybe this is true, but I really enjoyed what I was eating and we got a rather large portions.  Besides as I mentioned above this is a place of extraordinary atmosphere and the toilets are nice. 

Beyond that there is something that is really worth my recommendation and this is coffee
& dessert!

I tried  an apple tarte tatin with vanilla ice-cream and a liqueur coffee with amaretto syrup - beautiful!



  1. It looks like such a lovely place and the food....YUM!

    Anca x

    1. There is a nice toilet too... Well you can laugh at me but the toilet to me is almost as important as food! X

  2. i went to a cafe rouge when i was in london and i really enjoyed it!


  3. Next time try something different ... I have just returned from London and this time I went to a small brasserie called Prix Fixe somewhere in Soho, the food was even better... {photos on this blog soon} I hope... X

  4. great photos ! really ;p