May 20, 2013

Shopping tips by JOSEPHINE DE LA BAUME

photo credits: Notorious magazine

Josephine de La Baume is a young French actress, model, singer and songwriter.
I really like her approach to fashion.
Watch the video below to see a sample of her style.

                                                                     video credits:Barracuda Films & TV, Stockholm, Sweden
"I love renewing my summer wardrobe at H&M.
I'm always more interested in pieces that tell the story,
which I can put together to create my personal look.
I'm usually a tomboy, but in summer I'm reborn a woman,
and always go for dresses and flowery prints.
My favourite accessory of the season in the strew hat,
very french, very 50s, and perfect for right now"
- says Josephine.


  1. a great post! love the video...xo, ALma

  2. Replies
    1. French girls are so nonchalant and inspiring in their style...