February 18, 2012

Lola Likes Liberty!

These are my finds and novelty gift ideas from Liberty London
MP3 Player and Radio. Environmentally friendly.

If you like old photographs hanging on the neck you should take a look at these lovely vintage necklaces, designed by Helena Bonham Carter and Annina Vogel.
Boy necklace.
Girl  necklace.

 Calender on sale ? yeah...believe or not ...but..I still didn't buy one, therefore it's a perfect occasion!
Old Vic 2012 calender

Travel on your mind? Plus something to take notes...
this suitcase is also on sale at the moment..

Print suitcase.

vintage camera pencil sharpener.
Peggy doll.

And don't go shopping without:

Printed knot watch.
Shopper bag.
To buy all these lovely items please visit  Liberty London.