February 22, 2012

The Women's Tales Trilogy...

Three women. Three filmmakers. Three short fashion films. 
Maybe You have seen them before, maybe not...
The Women's Tales  for Miu Miu.

~ by Lucrecia Martel

Muta is my favourite one, all of them are  brilliant. Actually no, The powder room is my favourite one...I changed my mind...

 The woman dress
~ by Gialda Colagrande

The powder room
~ by Zoe Cassavetes

The world is one, glamour, desire, fashion obsession, our insecurities,our rituals . We all know it.
Tell me what you think...


  1. the third is the best one!

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  2. Replies
    1. The witches ? ...yes, I like the fact that no matter what they are doing in there...haha...they stick together x